3 Times You Should Consider Hiring Dumpster Rental Services

Residential Dumpster Rental Services

When you take over on a renovation project for your home or business, you may be wondering if it’s best to hire a junk removal company or rent a dumpster. 

Dumpsters can be a great way to get rid of large amounts of waste, but when is the right time to rent one? There are a few things you may want to consider before you make your decision. Here is some advice on when it makes sense to look for dumpster rental services instead of hiring a junk removal company.

When To Rent A Dumpster?

1. If Your Project Will Create A Lot Of Waste

For example, if you are clearing out an entire house or building before it is demolished, renting a dumpster would be the most efficient way to remove all of the debris from your project. On average, you should plan to rent a dumpster twice the size of the area you will be clearing. However, there are many variables involved in this type of a decision, so keep in mind that these numbers are only estimates.

2.  If You’ll Need To Remove Or Install Appliances Or Fixtures 

Many appliances and fixtures contain hazardous materials, chemicals, or other dangerous materials that cannot be thrown away with the regular garbage. If you are replacing a water heater or stove, for example, then it is probably best for you to rent a dumpster since these items can be extremely heavy. Also, note that most appliances and fixtures cannot be placed in your regular garbage can, so you will need to dispose of them someplace else.

3. If You Need To Remove Bricks, Concrete, Stone, Or Other Heavy Materials

It will be easier for you to get rid of all of these materials in one big load through your rented dumpster rather than trying to dispose of them yourself. It can be difficult to lift these types of materials, and this is even more true if you are removing a lot of them. 

Even if your project does not require removing any of these materials from your property, it can still be very helpful for you to rent a dumpster since they come in all sizes and can accommodate virtually any amount of debris you need to get rid of.

Look For A Reliable Dumpster Rental Company

In Panama City, FL, there are several dumpster rental companies, but you should look for a trustworthy one that can offer you the dumpster size your home or business project needs. 

At 919 Dump, we offer dumpsters of up to 30 yards. Our customer service and commitment make us the best option for your dumpster rental needs. Contact us today and request a free quote on any dumpster size you need.